I love helping people create worlds. I edit manuscripts because I love adding magic to someone's labor of love.

I'm an editor with over 15 years experience, including for a large daily newspaper.

I have a Communications degree and have experience working on all facets of editing, including large manuscripts, fiction/non-fiction books, magazines, business letters, marketing materials (brochures, ads, commercials, websites) etc.

I am a pro with APA, MLA, and Chicago styles; I'm really just the type of person that edits in her sleep (I have on many occasions!).

I can do basic, thorough proofreading for every single grammatical millimeter, or extensive macro editing for overall concept, and everything in between.

I customize pricing to the project and keep competitive rates.

Please send a brief description of your project, and what you hope your editor can do.

I'm here to help you create magic!

Best, Jennifer